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New Lev Shalem Siddurim Campaign 2023

Our New Lev Shalem Siddurim are Here!

The Shabbat and Festival Lev Shalem Siddur is the compendium to the High Holidays Machzor we have used for the last few years. Like the Machzor, this Siddur is published through United Synagogue and has the same excellent commentary features and spiritual and inspirational offerings on the sidebars. It is also user-friendly with its larger Hebrew font and transliteration, making it easier to read and navigate.

Siddur Lev Shalem is a beautiful setting of our ancient and rich liturgy, accompanied by modern and new spiritual interpretations that will help us reach even higher in our personal and communal prayer.

The words Lev Shalem mean a Full or Complete Heart, and it is with this sentiment that we ask you to help us enrich our worship with these siddurim with your gift donation, as you purchase one or more of the Lev Shalem Siddurim.

We have purchased 102 books and with your donation of $54 (“triple chai”) through our synagogue office, you can purchase one for the synagogue and dedicate it with a beautiful bookplate to honor a person, an occasion, or the memory of a loved one. To meet our congregation’s needs we will need to purchase more siddurs in the future. Purchasing Lev Shalem for Congregation Or Atid is more than just making a donation; it’s an investment in our spirituality!

   $54 Per Siddurim with Dedication
Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784