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Sell Your Hametz

According to the Torah, Ḥametz (leavened bread and its derivatives, including cookware and silverware) must not be present in our homes during the week of Pesaḥ.  Before the start of the holiday, we should eat, give away, or destroy all of our Ḥametz.  Anticipating this difficult task, our ancient rabbinic sages provided us a legal loophole: selling our Ḥametz to a non-Jew, so that we do not own the Ḥametz that is present in our homes.  We achieve this by designating the Rabbi as our agent, who will in turn sell all Ḥametz and related utensils to a non-Jew for the week of Pesaḥ.

Along with the sale of Ḥametz, it is customary for the seller to include a donation, called ma’ot ḥittin, “money for wheat,” a contribution to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund to help those in need.

Please complete and/or return this form no later than Thursday, April 18 at 10:00am, when Rabbi Hal will transfer all Ḥametz to our designated agent, Wanda Schweiger.

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I hereby appoint Rabbi Hal Schevitz as my agent for the sale of all of my Ḥametz, whether knowingly or unknowingly, as defined by Torah and Rabbinic Law, and to rent all places where my Ḥametz may be found, for the duration of the Festival of Pesaḥ.
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